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Trick Or Treat Sack & Keepsake ideas (2014 & 2015)

In 2012 I came up with the idea to make each of my children a Halloween treat sack and to decorate it over the years with hand and footprint art! This is such a fun idea that can be used over the years and then saved as a special Keepsake!

I like to post what I have done with their hand and foot print each year to help people get ideas for their own! Here are my kids prints from last year, 2014. I will first say that every year we have at least two costumes because the kids love dressing up all through the year and there are tons of events we go to around this holiday. If you only have one costume for the year but want to do both hand and footprints on your child's sack just choose a fun halloween print. I post a few of those ideas in my first post.
Kiki was Elsa so to keep it simple I  painted her foot light blue and added white glitter to the paint before it dried! I even added a little glitter mod podge over that to help seal the glitter! Another idea is paint the main logo of the character on the print like I did for both of Garren's costumes last year. 
 For Brenden's hand print I literally tried to copy the look of the glove he was wearing as a swamp monster.
For this year, 2015, I had so much fun with these prints! Here is Garren in his Thor costume! If you can't tell, the costume is HUGE so I just rolled it up. I like to buy big so they can wear it for years! LOL
For his Thor print I just painted the hammer over his silver handprint. Now I don't really know what his second costume will be but he is a little obsessed with Hulk lately and always dresses up like him so I just did that for his footprint! I am not very happy with how his actual footprint turned out but I love the "Hulk Smash" idea!
Brenden is a little tricky for me this year. He is really into Beyblades so he wanted to go as Gingka the main Beyblader guy on the show. If you don't know what a Beyblade is, it's kind of like a top that spins really fast! He is holding one in his hand in the picture below.
For his beyblade handprint I used the same concept as the Thor handprint above and just tried to paint a simple Beyblade in his hand. It's not the best but hey I tried! Brenden's second costume is Jengo Fett so I found a simple drawing of the helmet and just tried to copy the design into his silver foot print. I have to say his Jengo Fett footprint turned out way better than I thought it would! Im so happy with it! 
I forgot to mention I used black puffy paint for all of the writing and the detail! 
My kiki girl chose to be Ariel. I had so much fun with her mermaid print adding on the tail and the head. Kiki is also going as a Vampire so I just kind of made a face out of her handprint!
My FAVORITE year on the Halloween sack is their first Halloween! I love how little the prints are! My sweet baby Rowen is 10 months now and he is going as Robin. This is a family tradition. I have picture of my other two boys in this same costume. This Batman Costume was also a hand me down from Kiki because she went as Batman when she was 3 years old. 
Here are my sweet baby's first prints. I held up the small paint container to give you a reference to the size. I love this witch print! I think all of my kids have this on their bag from a previous year. 
I hope these give you ideas to get you inspired to start a Halloween sack for your own kids even if they are older! Brenden was 5 years old when I started his sack! If you want to read my first post on this to see how I started it and to see more ideas click HERE! If you need help coming up with a hand or foot print of a specific costume, comment below! I would love to help!

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