Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Book Review!

Ok, I can't tell you how many women I know who are pregnant RIGHT NOW!!!! So much fun to see couples become parents for the first time and second, and third! =) Since 2005, when I first became pregnant, I was on a mission to find the BEST baby book out there! And I am convinced I did!!! If you are going to have a baby or know someone who is going to have a baby, tell them about this AWESOME baby book/journal! It goes all the way up to the first THREE years!
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This book has EVERYTHING!!!
In the beginning it has a section about father and mother where you can write a little something about yourself and what you were like when you were a child. It also has a section for a Family Tree! I love this because EVERY child has to do a Family Tree project sometime in school so all you have to do is pull out the baby book! (Side note: I wrote in my books to great-great grandparents....just add your own lines)
They have the normal sections for feet but they also have a hand section. I got the most PERFECT hand prints of my son in the first baby book we did but when doing my daughters hands, she wouldn't hold still! I was SO UPSET at how the hand page turned out and now when I look at it, I think its the sweetest thing ever! I remember how hard we worked to get her prints at 3 weeks old and look at this and laugh! =) This is an example of how you don't have to be PERFECT!!!

 My FAVORITE part of this book is they have a section of the first year where you write their weight and height every month and there is a page next to it for pictures. I drew lines to break up the page and put a picture of them in on EVERY month birthday! You don't have to be as anal as I was but it is so much fun to see how fast they grow month to month! I covered the stats but here are a page from my books of both of my kids first 6 months!

 When you have more than one kid, it is fun to get out the book and look to see what the siblings looked like when they were "the baby's age"! I had so much fun with this section that I added two more pages right after this and went all the way up to age three. Every month I would take at least one picture and print it wallet size and add it to the book. Sometimes I would be printing three months at a time to add to the book.... as long as you take the pictures, they are there to be printed whenever you get around to it! To remember to take a picture, I wrote it on my calendar!
 Here is a few more fun to look back on! When you can, try to write their weight/height for that month!
They grow SO fast!
I got smart the second time around and added a little more about the "before you were born" stage. I added a page about my cravings and my growing tummy....this is just regular white printing paper that I taped pictures on. 
 So if you are looking for the perfect baby book/journal to keep track of the first three years, I would totally recommend this book!!! There is so much more to the book but you will have to get it to see everything it covers! Another beautiful thing about this book is the quotes throughout.... I will leave you with one from the last pages: "Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs...since the payment is pure love." Mildred B. Vermont
ONE LAST COMMENT: after reading the reviews on Amazon I realized that some people were upset that there were some bible verses as quotes throughout the baby book! They aren't very big to really notice but I thought you should know that before you purchase just so you are informed. =) 

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  1. No kidding, everyone is prego! Love it, great book review and something to keep in mind for when I get prefers again ... I need to drink your water! lol!


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