Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Valentines Idea to do for your kids!

What is Valentine's Day all about? Love, Right! This year I wanted to write Love letters to my kids! I thought it would be great to start February 1st and go all the way to Valentine's Day! They need to know that we LOVE them all the time and why not use this Holiday to deliberately tell them! 

Here is my idea! I found these GREAT mailboxes in the dollar section at Target. You don't have to buy these, you can make your own mailbox out of any small box and have your child decorate it.

I had my babies decorate theirs with puffy paints. They had SO MUCH fun doing this!

They got really creative!

Here is the finished product!
Now this is what I had in mind! Everyday in February (from the 1-14th) their father or I will write them a special love letter. Something personal about them, not generic! Maybe we will add ONE small piece of candy to sweeten up the letter or a cute trinket. Every morning when they wake up, their mailbox will be hidden. So it's also a fun search at the same time! My kids are so excited about this idea! I am letting you guys know about it early too if you want to join me in writing your kids love letters for 14 days! Or if that's too much, do it the whole week of Valentines day! Even if your child is older, I'm sure they will get a kick out of this!
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