Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cowboy Gun and Holster: made from stuff around the house!

My Son gets to dress up like a Cowboy tomorrow for school! He LOVES to dress up and won't miss the chance but he is more of a spy kind of kid, not so much Cowboy! Hence, He had nothing Cowboy and I didn't want to spend money. So I figured we could just whip something up out of the recycling trash! I drew a simple gun on some cardboard and cut it out with and Exacto knife. I actually made four guns, two for each kid!

Then I found two thiner paper boxes and used this to make my holsters! The other side of the box was all white inside.

You basically trace around the shape of your gun on the box and then cut out TWO shapes.... one of just the white shape and one with the brown part on top....This will be how you connect it to your belt!
I put duct tape over the part that was going to be attached to the belt for extra support. Then I held the belt up to it and cut two slits with an Exacto knife, about an inch apart, to weave the belt through.

The next step can be done many ways..... I chose to sew mine with a needle and thread(because I liked the look of it) but you can just hot glue the pieces together to form a pocket. Your cardboard guns will slide right in! 

To add to his costume I picked up a plastic Cowboy hat at US Toy for $1.60! Here is my boy ALL in black with his Guns and Holsters! =) YEEHAW!

"I see you're not from around these parts!"


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