Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY WabbaNub

WabbaNub Pacifiers are a plush animal with a Soothie pacifier sewn to it. It is designed to give babies comfort with a soft stuffed animal friend that provides stimulation for little fingers. 

I've heard many good things about these and I was about to purchase one for my son. A few reasons kept me from this! First of all, my son likes Nuk pacifiers. Secondly, I didn't like that the pacifier was permanently attached to the doll because of cleaning purposes. Thirdly, I was looking for a Tiger doll and they didn't have one! Lastly, I figured it would be easy to make with stuff I already have and save 15 bucks!

I looked around my house for a good stuffed animal that my son would like to hold and found this bear from his Grammie. It was perfect!
 The next step could be done two ways. You could simply use a piece of ribbon about 5 inches long or
 an old baby toy that you have laying around.

Here is what I did!
I cut the fabric off an old baby toy that already had velcro sewn to it.
My son could still play with the bottom half, I just can't velcro it on to things now!
All you have to do is hand stitch the center of your ribbon or fabric to the mouth of your stuffed animal. If you are using ribbon, it is up to you if you would like to add velcro to the ends or not. 
So, now you have a stuffed animal with a piece of ribbon/fabric hanging from it's mouth.
All you have to do is velcro or tie your pacifier to the end.
When the stuffed animal or pacifier get dirty you can detach them and wash them individually!
Now your baby has something soft to hold on to while using their pacifier! 
UPDATE: I had another little boy and I made a Wabbanub for him out of a little dinosaur doll he loves. You can't detach the Pacifier from the doll but he loves it! 
Here is a step by step picture of how I made it. 
It just took me a few minutes to make!

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