Friday, September 28, 2012

Simple & Cute Idea to Replace Birthday Cards

Today is MY Birthday!!! So it is the perfect day to post about this topic!
I don't know about you but recently we have been going to AT LEAST one Birthday Party every weekend! Many of them are for my son's friends. 
Do you remember when you were a kid and you tried to be nice by opening the card and then THROWING it aside just to get to the present! Have you ever seen the movie Big Top Pee Wee? I always think of throwing the birthday card to the side the same as when Pee Wee throws the egg salad sandwich when Winnie isn't looking! =) I had to add this clip if you haven't seen it! 
"Ummm, Egg salady!"

Cards aren't cheap but still are necessary to know who the present came from. Since I love pictures so much I started to make personalized tags instead of cards! 
So simple and only the cost of a little printer ink and a piece of white paper!
It also really adds to the look of a present!
I just find a cute recent picture of who the present is from and bring it into Illustrator (program).
I type in a cool font "Happy Birthday______!"
Then "From____"
If you don't know how to do this with a program, simply print out a picture and write with a nice marker! 
If your child is old enough, have them write it out!
Simple as that!
One more reason this is good for a little child's present is because they can't read yet but they could still see who it is from!


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Colleen! And great idea with the photo cards!

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  3. I love this idea! My 4 year old daughter as been invited too soo many birthday parties since she has started preschool this year. I think your idea about the kids being able to tell who the gift is from by looking at the picture is great! I'll definitely be using this idea in the future!


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