Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simple Pirate Dress Up!

As I have said before, my family LOVES doughnuts!!!!!!! What does this have to do with pirate dress up, you ask?? This coming Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Krispy Kreme is having a special pirate day. If you talk like a Pirate, you get a FREE Doughnut. BUT if you dress up like a pirate you get a WHOLE DOZEN DOUGHNUTS for FREE!!!!!
I'm gunna show you how to dress your kids like a pirate with stuff around the house!
First you will need a pirate hat!
I used a large white piece of paper (19X13). You could also use a newspaper!
Here is what you do! Fold your paper in half!
Then face the open end towards you and fold the top corners in leaving a little space between the folds.
Then fold up the bottom end and turn over and fold up the other!
I then drew a simple skull and crossbones but you could leave this off if you like!
The hat stays on better if you tape or staple some string to the inside!
You may also want to tie a bandana around their head instead!
Now your little pirate needs a hook!
All you need is a cup, plastic or styrofoam, and foil!
Roll up a piece of foil and then squeeze it with your hands.
Make a hook at one end of the foil. 
Poke a hole it the top of the cup with something sharp and insert the long end of your foil!
What about a sword!?!
Check out how easy it is to make this stick sword!
Go find a stick outside!
Now get into your recycling and find something that is thin cardboard, like a cereal box. 
I used, wouldn't you guess, a DOUGHNUT BOX!!! LOL
Then draw a big tear drop shape and cut it out!
Have your child color the end without a logo on it!
You are going to cut two holes at each end....where you see the two black circles!
Insert the stick into the end of the tear drop that is larger.
Then fold it over and insert the stick through the other hole!
There you have it! A few simple accessories to dress up like a pirate!
I had to add a picture of my almost 3 month old pirate baby! 
Incase you also wanted to make an eye patch, 
here is a cute easy Tutorial on how to make one!
Just click on the picture!
After you have made these simple accessories just put you child in black pants and and oversized T-shirt (red, black, gray, white or striped) and tie a sash around their waist! If the shirt is old, rip the ends a little for flare!

UPDATE: We went to Krispy Kreme and my little pirates got THREE dozen doughnuts! Yes, they gave a WHOLE DOZEN to my three month old baby! LOL


  1. Oh, that's cute! Love the Pirate Baby! (You really should take him into Krispy Kreme for his own box of free doughnuts!)
    I'm still working on getting a doughnut pan to make those yummy-looking strawberry doughnuts. Drool.

    1. Mia,
      I'm telling you, my kids love doughnuts so much, you put ANYTHING in a doughnut shape and they will eat it!!!! I love my doughnut pan!!! =)


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