Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soapy Water Game

My Daughter was asking me to play a game or do a craft with her. I walked over to the table, where we would do the activity and I just thought, Man the table really needs to be washed!
So out of my mouth came.... "Hey, let's play the SOAPY WATER GAME!"
At first I thought this would entertain her for 15 minutes and my table would be clean at the end.... but it turned out to be so much fun AND educational if you can believe!
This actually ended up being a two hour activity! 
We started off just with a bowl of SOAPY water and a sponge. If you don't want it to be all over the floor, try not to put too much water in the bowl. 

I just let my daughter go to town scrubbing the table! =)
After about 10 minutes, I put a little more dish soap on the table in front of my daughter and smeared a thin layer of soap. Then we started writing our alphabet. I would write a letter and ask her what it was and then have her copy it. It is always fun to have an abstract surface when practicing writing because it gives it a new spin and makes it fun to learn!
Then I brought out some straws and bubble mix, if you don't have any  bubble mix then dish soap will work. 
I poured a little soap/bubble mix on the table.
 We dipped the straws in the soap and started blowing bubbles on the table! 
We even had fun blowing bubbles at each other!
Then I had my daughter get out her tea set and we played tea party with "bubble tea"!
If you don't have and actual tea set just use real mugs... It will be just as fun!
And YES, at the end of the game, I had a clean table!

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