Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Countdown & Other Ideas

 The kids have been asking and asking how many days till Christmas! They know it's after Thanksgiving but it's always good for children to have a tangible way that they can actually SEE how many days until the specific event they are waiting for is. I usually make a paper chain but this year I wanted to make something that looks cuter! So instead of paper links I made little Christmas lights!

With this Christmas light string, your kids can count the lights till the big day arrives! Just simply cut away a light each day! I also wrote on the lights when specific things are happening. For Example, there is a light that says Thanksgiving on it!

All you need is different color construction paper, ribbon, tape, glue stick, and a stapler!
Simply draw light shapes on paper and have your children get some fine motor skill practice by cutting them out!
 Then cut a bunch of little black squares, one per light! We used a glue stick to glue the black squares to  make each look like little lights!
 Then I took my ribbon and stapled the lights to it!
Every other light or so I added a little piece of tape to stick it to the wall the way I wanted it! We also made a little sign at the end of the light chain that said "It's Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!" 

Only 39 days till Christmas! =)
Another fun and simple way I decorate our home for the holidays is with silver ornaments on a string hanging from the ceiling. I bought two or three packs of different size plastic ornaments and also silver bells from the Dollar Store! This is the Fourth year I have done this so I've lost a few ornaments over the years! I am planning on adding more but here is what my entryway looks like. This picture doesn't really do it justice.....
 I used puffy paints to put a little design on some of them and tied ribbon in different lengths to each ornament. Tack them to the ceiling wherever you want to add a little Holiday flare!
 Lastly, I know many of you have already seen my idea of a Keepsake Christmas Tree Skirt! I wanted to show you a picture with this years handprints on it! My first year with THREE kids hand prints! I love how little Garren's hand is here and I know I will always treasure that I got this! Jason and I were also talking about how we should have our handprints on the tree skirt at least in one place. So we added our hand prints by the trunk. On top of them we wrote Mommy & Daddy. 
Hopefully these ideas inspire you to bring a little Christmas to your home, without spending a lot of money! What are some decorations you have come up with for the Christmas season that don't cost a lot of money?


  1. Cute countdown idea and OH MY GOODNESS are your kids ever adorable!

  2. I loved this idea. I made it out of felt so it can be re-used year after year. And instead of taking a light away we add one to the light string till we have a full strand for Christmas. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Cute idea with the lights, Colleen! Happy Thanksgiving!


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