Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Conversation Rolls

 Here's something fun to keep the conversation at Thanksgiving interesting!
Both kids and adults will have fun with this one!
Simply get any roll of refrigerator biscuit or crescents. It just depends on what your family prefers. You could make homemade rolls but I'm sure you already have lots of things going on in the kitchen so simple is best!!! 
Along with your biscuits, write out conversation questions, on regular white paper with a pen, to go in each. Or even better, type them out because it's easier to read!
Butter up your paper and add them to the dough before you roll them up!
Bake as package says!
 Here is my boy opening up a roll to find a question!
Tip: Let people know that there is something inside the roll so they don't just bite or rip right into the roll and mess up the question paper!

Here are a few fun ideas for questions when there are adults and kids both in the conversation!
~What would you grow up to be or change about your career if you could do it now?
~If you had $100 to give to ANYONE, who would you give it to and why?
~Speaking of Holidays, what is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?
~My favorite musical group is_______. Why?
~What is one of your favorite books? Why?
~What is one of your biggest wishes?
~What are you secretly proud that you can do?
~What do you remember getting in BIG trouble for?
~What is your favorite thing about someone you are sitting next to?
~If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
~What common household things are you thankful for?
~What would you like to be thankful for NEXT year at this time?
~Would you eat a turkey that fell on the floor?
~What non-meterial would you like to get/give this Holiday season?

I hope you all have a great time eating and talking and hanging out with your family and friends!
Here is one more idea for Thanksgiving day, that I blogged about last year! It's a simple craft/game for the kids in your life! Click on the picture to find out how to make these cute turkeys and play the game!

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  1. These rolls are my husband's absolute favorite. He looks forward to having them at every holiday meal. I think we'll add this to our tradition and make it even more meaningful for the whole family. Thanks for sharing this great idea!


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