Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Countdown

We are starting our second year of our Thanksgiving Count Calendar tomorrow! However, since I didn't start the first day of November, this year we are going to do a countdown! We are counting down 20 days till Thanksgiving but you can literally start this whenever you get it made! It would still be fun even if you counted down 10 days! You can click on the link above to see how simple this is to make! We had fun coloring in the numbers! 
My kids favorite part of this is picking out a piece of Halloween candy that they get to eat every morning when they wake up! We use a sharpie and put their initial on each piece's wrapper so they know which one is theirs! 
I also added a new element to the calendar! We put one of Brenden's sight words in each pocket! This way, every morning when the kids get their candy, there is also one word we can talk about and practice while eating breakfast!
If you haven't read my first post on the Thanksgiving Count Calendar, the main reason for it is so you can write down one SIMPLE thing that you were thankful for at the end of each day! Everyone picks a color of paper and you write it out on your color strip and leave it in that days pocket. Then on Thanksgiving, you pull all of the strips out and read them! It's a great way to get the whole family in on thinking positive and being thankful, all month, leading up to Thanksgiving! Here is what it looks like with our thanksgiving strips in a number pocket! 
Do you have other ways to get the whole family thinking of what they are thankful for?
I would love to know what they are!


  1. Love your ideas. Thankfulness is such a good thing to remember!

    1. Yes, its a good place to keep our thoughts... What we were Thankful for each day! I love to hear what my two big kids come up with... But thinking about the main topic they are thankful for....It's mainly people! LOVE it!

  2. Colleen, I LOVE this!!! I want to use this for our Christmas Countdown! I'll add in letters and numbers for Allie to practice. I'm soo excited and can't wait to make this. Maybe our Elf on The Shelf will bring us all of the supplies to make this on Saturday morning. Who needs pinterest when I have your blog?!?! Thanks for sharing soo many wonderful ideas. And LinkWithIn ... totally gets me hooked here haha!

    1. LOL! Thanks Cari! =) That is a good idea to use it for thanksgiving and roll it over to christmas! And , the pocket idea is awesome when you have a little one learning something like number, letters, and words.... one a day doesn't seem as hard as a HUGE list sitting in front of you! =)


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