Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy No Sew Pacifier Clip

If you have a child that uses a Pacifier, then you know how pacifier clips come in handy!
It's easier not to lose the pacifier and it also won't fall on the nasty floor when you are out and about!
However, they cost at least 5 bucks and they normally only have ONE design that you have to live with!
I don't know about you but I like things to match or at least look cute with the outfit my child is wearing!
Now it can!
I don't know why I've never done this before but making your own clip is SO EASY and SO CHEAP!!! 
If you don't have a baby, make them for a present for someone who does! They will love you for it!

Here is what you need: 
  • Some fun ribbon
  • Velcro
  • Fastener clips 
  • Hot glue gun
  • *Optional* Mod Podge

All you do is cut your ribbon about three inches longer than you want the actual pacifier clip to be! 
These next steps I did the "lazy" way... you could hand sew with needle and thread but I say it's so much easier to hot glue!
First, I folded over the edge of the ribbon and glued it down.
Then I glued the velcro on to the ribbon with about an inch between.

Now, on the other side of your ribbon, fold in the edge and glue it down!
Then get your fastener and fold the ribbon through the end and glue it together!
This is seriously SO EASY it only takes a minute and you are done!

This next step I was experimenting with just to make my clips a little more personal!
I printed out little Tiger faces just on regular printing paper.
I cut them out! I also hot glued a piece of black ribbon to my blue ribbon, just for fun.
Next, I got out my trusty Mod Podge and used it as glue to stick the tigers where I wanted them and then painted over top of them to seal them to the ribbon!
*Another idea*
You could also use letters in paper or fabric, to put your childs name on the clip. 
Here they are! 
Have fun creating your own unique clips!
I just wanted to add something I found on another blog!
Disney from Ruffles and Stuff has a cute tutorial on Pacifier Clips. Click HERE to see it!
A GREAT tip that I wished I had seen before making my pacifier clips is that she used Ironing Board cover fasteners for her clips! She got it from the dollar store....
That's EIGHT clips for a dollar instead of TWO for $1.99 at a craft store!
***TIP***After a while, the one end that holds the pacifier will come unglued because you have to open and close it so much! You can simple re-glue it or I would put a few hand stitches on that end so you will never have to deal with "fixing" it!


  1. How much for a custom one? :P

    1. Brian, does Silas use a pacifier? I could make him one! I have lots of extra ribbon! =)


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