Monday, July 9, 2012

Handprint Art Ideas

Having a new baby in the house has been challenging and at the same time so much fun!
As you all know they grow up so fast, one of my favorite things is how small their hands and feet are especially compared to older siblings!
I came up with a few cute ideas, with handprints, that you could do no matter the age of your kids, you don't have to have an infant!

First, I love the idea of handprints being leaves on a tree.
I added a sweet bible verse to the bottom.
I printed the tree and verse on a paper with a design but it might just be better on white so you can read the verse better! I made up a FREE pdf file so you can print your own and just add your kids handprints. My kids chose the colors painted on their hands!

Handprint Tree
I also added a picture of the kids and their names and ages!
After you finish this part, you can just frame yours.

 I wanted to do something different with mine.
I ended up using it as a cover of one of my sketchbooks! I think it turned out awesome!
All you need is Mod Podge and a sketchbook!
 You paint the Mod Podge like glue to the top of the sketchbook then place your tree on top. Then, as pictured below, paint another layer of Mod Podge over to coat & seal it to the book!
 Here it is, my new sketchbook, ready to be used!
The second handprint project I thought of was to make a heart out of my two older kids prints and then add my baby's handprint to the center! If you only have one older child you can just use their left and right print for the heart and your little one in the center!
 I used an ink pad to get my baby's print! It turns out a lot better than paint!
 Here is the finished product! My daughter painted the frame for me!
Check out my post about how I personalized a target step stool! Click HERE!
Lastly, here is an idea that I got off of Pinterest! It's SO CUTE! I just haven't gotten to it yet!
I want to get all 3 of my kids foot prints on one large paper and write at the bottom, "Mommy's Little Butterfly's". Here is the link to the butterfly footprint craft...CLICK HERE!

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  1. Love it all! Thanks for the pdf file - gonna do this!


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