Friday, July 20, 2012

Personalized Step Stool

I have had this step stool for years now and don't like the way it looks in the bathroom but the kids need it to wash their hands....
What do you do!?!
I'm so obsessed with foot and handprints right now,
So I decided to put all three of my kids footprints on the step stool to personalize it!

It's so easy to do!
First spray paint it the desired color!
 Then have your kids put their footprints in a row!
I thought it was nice and simple to keep it black and white!
Don't forget to seal with Mod Podge!
You don't want those cute footprints to get scratched off or fade as the years go by!
 And there you have it!!!
A cute step stool that I can treasure for YEARS!

If you haven't checked it out...
HERE is the recent Handprint art I have done with my kids!


  1. I painted my kid's step stool too, a free-hand paisley thing. But, I didn't coat it with modge and it is wearing off. :( I will take your advice next time!

    1. Yes! Mod Podge is the secret! I LOVE MP! I use it for EVERYTHING! <3


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