Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Simple Craft idea!

I wanted to share with you all one of my "go to" craft ideas when everyone is bored and Mama doesn't have a lot of time and energy! 
These are the kinds of crafts we have been doing lately because of having a newborn in the house!

Believe me when I say, ALL kids love a huge roll of white paper! 
I have over 15 years of experience with this simple craft!
I don't know what the difference is to children but getting out a huge roll of paper instead of a small sheet is so exciting! There are so many possibilities! 
*You can trace your child's body and then let them have fun coloring it in!

*You can make a special sign for a holiday that is coming up next!

*Sometimes I print out a few favorite characters off of the internet (free coloring pages) and they can cut them out and glue them to the huge poster paper and add them to the scene they are making!

*If it's hot outside you can tape the paper to the driveway and paint with Kool-aid and Ice!

*You can just throw the markers and crayons all over the floor and let them do whatever they want!

This is what we did the other day! I have been really trying to keep Brenden interested in writing over the summer so it's also turned out to be one of Kiki's favorite things! We decided to draw a HUGE caterpillar with the whole alphabet! It was really fun and of course we didn't finish coloring it so I have something to pull out when there is nothing to do! =)

Get Creative! Believe me, if you don't have the ideas for your simple white roll of paper... your child WILL!

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